This site features the CUCV series of military trucks.  These trucks were produced by General Motors during the mid 1980's for the United States military.  They were based upon the regular production Chevrolet Blazer and Pickup trucks.  Below you will find links to help you navigate through the info on this site.

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Another note:  The CUCV side of this site will no longer be updated, maybe in the future there will be some M35A2 stuff, time permitting.

And yet another note...This site more than likely will not be updated anymore.  I no longer own any military vehicles, so I really don't have the inclination to create any more material for this site.  As long as Geocities keeps this site up, it will stay up.  I figure that what is here is some good stuff on CUCV's and M-35's and miscellaneous other trucks, so I will not be deleting anything here.  So, sit back and have fun exploring 15MB of military vehicle information and photos.

CUCV Gallery                           CUCV Information                    Miscellaneous Stuff 
My M1009. CUCV Models and Specifications  CUCV/Military Vehicle Links.
Bill George's M1009. Early/Prototype CUCV's. Get your own CUCV, only $50.00!!
Chris Huwaert's M1009 in Belgium. A look at the M1010 ambulance. The kinder, gentler, CUCV?
Tom Karasek's M1009 in Austria So what usually breaks on the CUCV's? How to NOT tow a CUCV.
Yann's M1009 in France. Some CUCV tips from PS magazine. The "Cheap" Humvee, buy today!
Tyler Ward's M1009's. Photo tour of the M1010 Ambulance. Some cool cars I had in the past.
Tom Dziwisch's M1009 in Germany. CUCV glow plug system diagnosis. Me
West Frankfort F.D. M1028A3. LO 9-2320-289-12 (Lube Order) Humvee and CUCV parts for sale.
Steve Ersteniuk's M1009. AN/VRC-47 Radio Installation CUCV's mutilated by local government
Jerome Garcia's M1009. Navy Seabee CUCV My M35A2. 
 Walter Bracken's M1009. CUCV Camouflage Patterns More Deuce stuff...M35A3 photos
Dave Kuhn's M1028. Where do I buy a CUCV? Oops!
Herb Hurn's M1028. The new CUCV II Another M35A2 I had. 
Nico Ellermann's M1009 in Germany The new CUCV III  
Jasper Welsch's M1009    
Madison MS PD M1008    
Tomasz Nizel's M1009 in Belgium    
Mark Cumnock's M1009    
Tom Blondell's M1010 Ambulance    
Ned Parkes M1009.    
Jonah Torreano's M1009    

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