p8040577a.jpg (79115 bytes)

Picked up August 4, 2007. Vista, California.


p8050595a.jpg (77614 bytes)

At it's new home in Paso Robles, California.


fender1a.jpg (53657 bytes)

Restoration started, 02/27/2010


underside1a.jpg (67469 bytes)

A view of the under carriage prior to restoration


All striped down, ready for sand blasting.......what a job.

p3121055a.jpg (64492 bytes)

p3121051a.jpg (58552 bytes)

p3121058a.jpg (51939 bytes)

p3121067a.jpg (74064 bytes)

p3141081a.jpg (59748 bytes)

p3121061a.jpg (57786 bytes)

p3121068a.jpg (64769 bytes)

p3141071a.jpg (64866 bytes)

p3141074a.jpg (57770 bytes)

p3141083a.jpg (66650 bytes)

03/26/2010 Update

underside.jpg (36276 bytes)

Hanging  on the powder coating rack, powder primed. The under side. Just out of the oven and being picked up.

rear1.jpg (36908 bytes)

Rear area.

dsfloor.jpg (26599 bytes)

Drivers foot well and center console.

swisscheesefloor.jpg (34852 bytes)

Pass side footwell, battery box and tool box, Swiss Cheese, just a few more rough spots.

July 24th, 2010 Update

jeep010.jpg (37181 bytes)

jeep015.jpg (40333 bytes)

jeep016.jpg (39982 bytes)

November 28th, 2010 Update


Febuary 6th, 2011 Update

Cancer cleaned up new piece installed

1a.jpg (36207 bytes)


2a.jpg (33334 bytes)

3a.jpg (40115 bytes)

Rear floor welded in

4a.jpg (45867 bytes)

Lots of cancer to be cleaned out

5a.jpg (37143 bytes)

6a.jpg (49171 bytes)

7a.jpg (48664 bytes)

8a.jpg (53590 bytes)

9a.jpg (47163 bytes)

10a.jpg (45817 bytes)

11a.jpg (37466 bytes)

12a.jpg (38620 bytes)

13a.jpg (50315 bytes)

Rear floor drilled for install and welding

15a.jpg (40727 bytes)

Floor with under body kit welded in place over repaired panel.

071.jpg (65562 bytes)

Rail repaired waiting for under body panel to be installed over it.

072.jpg (64320 bytes)

Repaired floor, bracing and under body panel over repaired area.

073.jpg (64390 bytes)

Pass. side rails and floor, next.

074.jpg (68198 bytes)

Repaired rail with more to be done.

075.jpg (70014 bytes)

Trans mount removed for repair, rust and under body kit. (Anyone have the trans. cross member mount they want to sell?)

076.jpg (71456 bytes)

Railing with more to repair/install.

077.jpg (64736 bytes)

Driver's side floor rails near completion.

079.jpg (70238 bytes)

D/S railing in process, some welding, more to be done.

080.jpg (59611 bytes)

Cross member showing how it will be welded in over existing panel.

081.jpg (62945 bytes)

Repaired area at trans mount. More work to be done.

084.jpg (70318 bytes)

Update 2/16/2012

Rebuilt transmission Trans Mount and Covers

85.jpg (41574 bytes)

Passenger replacement Panels

86.jpg (50004 bytes)

Under Body Kit over Replacement Panels view 1

87.jpg (51052 bytes)

Under Body Kit over Replacement Panels view 2

88.jpg (52481 bytes)

Battery Box, Passenger Floor and Upright

89.jpg (46181 bytes)

Tool Box with New Door

90.jpg (48413 bytes)


03a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Rail and underside repair but more is still needed


05a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Tool box lid battery box and upright repair


06a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Underside with repaired panels and underbody kit over them


07a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Trans tunnel from engine compartment


08a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Drivers side panel installed Nov 2012


09a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Passenger side panel installed and primed


010a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Damage repair on pass side dash


011a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Completed passenger side panel with attachments


012a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Frame repair waiting to be ground down


013a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Side panels spot welded in Nov 2012


014a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Rear panel repaired and strengthened Nov 2012


015a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Shovel holder installed


016a.jpg (48413 bytes)

PS dash support 1 11-5-2012


017a.jpg (48413 bytes)

PS dash support 11-5-2012


018a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Full bottom on rotor for painting Dec 2012


019a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Inside for painting 12-2012


020a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Primed and ready for painting Dec 2012


021a.jpg (48413 bytes)



022a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Front end


023a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Inside ready


024a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Inside the paint booth


025a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Starting the first light coast of 383


026a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Slow but there are lots of places to cover and get it right


027a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Looking good. Shinny still needs to dry


028a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Starting to look good as well as drying


029a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Back in the garage to start re assembly after 3 yrs of work. FINALLY


030a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Looks great


031a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Bring in the parts, more work


032a.jpg (48413 bytes)

More parts for cleaning and painting


033a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Parts is parts


034a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Parts and under body protection coating


035a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Original engine with 26K miles


036a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Lightly blasted and ready for new paint Jan 2013


037a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Lightly sand blasted


038a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Engine painted black


039a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Wiring and windshield installed


040a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Ready to be stripped and rebuilt


041a.jpg (48413 bytes)



042a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Underside with shocks etc. Getting there


043a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Ready for an engine


044a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Where's my engine


045a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Checking old fuel line positions for replacement with all new ones


046a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Engine in and lots of other parts installed, March 2013


047a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Ready to be fired up


050a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Without the help of this Master Mechanic Body and Sheet metal man, this project would never have gone full circle. THANKS Jon


051a.jpg (48413 bytes)



052a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Rear bed lined


053a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Bed liner in the drivers foot well


048a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Up and running and parked under it's USMC heritage


049a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Still need the other two colors for woodland pattern. April 2013


054a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Off color top but hey


055a.jpg (48413 bytes)

 Covered and ready for the black and brown 1-24-2015


056a.jpg (48413 bytes)

We don't want any overspray


057a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Covered, Ready, PAINT


058a.jpg (48413 bytes)

We have contact


059a.jpg (48413 bytes)



060a.jpg (48413 bytes)


061a.jpg (48413 bytes)


062a.jpg (48413 bytes)

Complete in Woodland 3 color. 1-24-2015





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