1985 USMC M998 HMMWV

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Loading the HMMWV in Southern CA 12-13-2003


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At it's new home in the driveway 12-14-2003


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Kurt helping install various parts


hardtopsand.jpg (53253 bytes)

Helmet Hardtop installed


hardtopgrn.jpg (62800 bytes)

And painted 383 CARC


This particular HMMWV is alleged to have been one of the first 500 the Marine Corps received. That was determined by the wt and dimension plate that was placed on the outside of the rear driver’s side fender (it’s still there).

According to the TAC numbers on the vehicle, it was assigned to the 1st Radio Battalion, at MCB Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. There it was used as a radio vehicle.

Approximately 1997 it was placed in stores status in event of the big one. In 2001 or 2002, the Marine Corps traded this one and approximately 1000 others to a civilian contractor for new military equipment.

Once in the contractor’s hands they were sold off at auction. Mine was one of 4 purchased by a car dealer in southern Californian for a friend. I bought it from that person’s son in Dec. 2003.

Since I picked it up, I’ve added the seats, the fording air intake and exhaust fording stack, the "B" pillar, the heavy duty air drop rear bumper, a set of new 12 bolt rims and 37" radial tires with spare tire, a rear bumper mounted spare tire rack, the pioneer tool rack with tools, and the radio version of the Helmet Hardtop.

I have radio equipment for it but have not installed them as yet. I also need to paint it to match the HHT, CARC 383 green. I don’t think I will add the camo pattern however.


General Specifications

Name M998 HMMWV
Manufacturer AM General
Manufactured 1985
Cargo capacity 2,500 lbs
Towed load 3,450 lbs
Height 69 in (5 ft 9 in, reducible to 55 in)
Length 180 in (15 ft)
Width 85 in (7 ft 1 in)
Gross vehicle weight Tare: 5,200 lbs
Gross: 7,700 lbs
Pintle height approx. 28"
Ground clearance Under axle: 16 in
Under chassis: 24 in
Vehicle/bridge classification Empty: 3
Loaded: 4
Wheel base 130 in (10 ft 10 in)
Approach angle 72 (47 with winch)
Departure angle 45
Turning radius 292 in (24 ft 4 in)
Cruising range 300 mi
Fording depth 30 in
Tires 36x12.5-16.5 LT
Tire inflation Front: 20 psi
Rear: 22 psi


Engine Model DDA 6.2 L
6.2 liter V8 diesel, liquid-cooled, naturally aspirated
Power 150 HP at 3,600 RPM
Torque 260 pound-feet at 2000 RPM
Displacement 379 cu. in. (6.2 liters)
Engine weight (dry) 650 lbs
Idle speed 625-675 RPM
Operating speed 1500-2300 RPM
Oil pressure at idle (min) 15 psi
Oil pressure at normal operation 40-50 psi
Coolant temperature 190F to 230F
Fuel consumption 13.5 mpg

Fill Capacities

Cooling system 26 quarts
Differential 2 qts (each of 2 diffs)
Engine oil (crankcase only) 7 quarts
Engine oil (crankcase and filter) 8 quarts
Geared hub 1 pt (each of 4 hubs)
Fuel 25 gallons





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