Craig C. Clifton (E-6)

After getting out of the United States Marine Corps in August 1974 and instead of returning to California I went to work in Mt Pleasant, SC (suburb of Charleston, SC)for the Police Department. 

In 1976 I joined the United States Air Force Reserves at Charleston AFB, SC. I was in the 315th Military Airlift Wing working in the Avionics radio shop as a staff sergeant E-5 .  The planes we had were the C141 Starlifter.

In 1979 I moved back to CA.   Before I left I was promoted to Tech Sergeant E-6.    Once back in CA and living near Reno, NV I transferred to the Nevada Air National Guard and worked the Avionics radio shop.  The squadron was one of the best F-4 Photo Recon units in the entire Air Force.  They now fly C-130 transport aircraft.

In 1981, I moved to San Jose, CA where I currently live.   I transferred to the 129th ARRG, now known as the 129th Resue Wing.    I worked Avionics QA until conflicts with my civilian job forced me to leave the Guard. 

To say the least, my experience with the USAFR/ANG was very nice and completely different from my 4 year enlistment in the United States Marine Corps.  BUT, I still hold most to my time in the USMC.

Joint Base Charleston

315  Airlift Wing (Reserves) Charleston AFB, SC

315th   Airlift Wing Alumni Assoc.

Nevada Air National Guard, Reno, NV

129th Rescue Wing, California Air National Guard, , Moffett Field



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