M1008 CUCV

M1009 CUCV

M1010 CUCV

M1028 CUCV

M1031 CUCV


CUCV - Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle

Tactical Cargo, 1 ton
Tactical Cargo, 1 ton
Tactical Utility, ton
Tactical Ambulance, 1 ton
Tactical Shelter Carrier, 1 ton
Tactical Shelter Carrier w/ PTO, 1 ton
Tactical Chassis, 1 ton

    M1008/A1, M1028/A1: 220.7 inches
    M1009:  191.8 inches
    M1010:  227.7 inches
   M1031:  212.9 inches
    M1009:  79.6 inches
    All Other Models:  81.2 inches
Weight (curb)
    M1009/M1031:  5200 lbs
    M1008/A1, M1028/A1: 5900 lbs
    M1010:  7400 lbs
    M1009, M1008/A1, M1031:  76 inches ave.
    M1010:  101.6 inches
    M1028/A1:  107.1 inches
Engine: V8, 6.2L (379ci) displacement, fuel injected diesel, liquid cooled, compression ignition, nope, no turbo (I will slap on a Banks™)
Horsepower: 135 at 3,600 RPM
Transmission:TH400, 3 speed, automatic
Transfer case: NP208, 2 speed, locking, chain driven, all models except M1028A1 and M1031 which have the NP205 gear-driven t-case
Axles:  All models have Corp. 14-bolt rear and Dana 60 front except M1009 which has Corp. 10-bolts front and rear
Differentials:  All models have the 14-bolt Detroit No-Spin except the M1009 which has the 10-bolt Gov-Loc.  The fronts on all models are open except for a rare lot that came out with the Dana 60 TracLoc.  All models came with 4.56 gear rations except the M1009 that had 3.08 gears.
Electrical system: 12/24 volt, negative ground, 100 amps (200 amps M1010 ambulance)
Heating/Cooling:  hot-water heat all models, AC only in M1010 ambulance
Brakes: Hydraulic, front discs, rear drums
Fuel type: Diesel
Fuel capacity
    M1009: 27 gal
    All The Rest:  20 gal


Models: M1008,M1008a1, M1009, M1010, M1028,
M1028a1, M1028a2, M1028a3, M1031

All models were equipped with the 6.2 liter diesel engine.  It's power output
is 135hp and 240 ft lbs of torque.

All models were also equipped with the TH400 3 speed automatic

The M1028a1,a2,a3 and M1031 used the NP 205 transfer case.  It has a
cast iron housing and is gear driven.  It was equipped with a 1.96:1 low ratio.
All other models used the NP 208.  It has an aluminum housing and is chain
driven.  It has a 2.61:1 low ratio.

The M1009 has got the 10 bolt front and rear differentials with the 3.08
gear ratio.  The front differential is open and the rear has the gov-lov.

All other models are equipped with the Dana 60 front differential.  All
models except the M1028 series and M1031 are open, those models have
a limited slip differential

"CUCV Altenator rebuild DOC"

"CUCV AC Delco Info"



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